Thursday, September 30, 2010

Well, group therapy moved to a different day. So that's interesting. I should really go see my therapist sometime soon, haven't been there for months. But I need money first. And I haven't really got any of that because I'm loathe to dip into my savings account. It's the only thing keeping me from being depressed. Because I'm saving to vacate the country sometime within the year.

I wanted to again say that I love my friends. This group is quite honestly the closest group of friends I've ever had, physically and emotionally and whatever other way. Our topics of conversation are varied and interesting. We have silly times and deep times and quiet times and many loud times. I especially like cuddly times. I just feel totally comfortable with all of them. It is my policy to be honest, but I am rarely open. With them, I'm both, and it's lovely.

Thirteen days until I collect my lovely boy from the airport. I'm rather excited as I'm sure you all can imagine. I have the days off work, I have an outing planned. I have a wonderful formal outfit that hopefully will get some use.

There were some weird questions in my mind some months ago concerning this relationship. Most were related to the distance. But I've put them to rest. I've made my decision, my commitment. And I'm loving it. Everything will be okay.

Transition related: I think my voice is dropping. It's cracking a lot today. I surely hope I'm not getting sick. I seem to have a few more chin stubbles. That's fun.

Workout tomorrow, I really want to push myself. I want to be sore.

Wow, I'm glad I don't edit these really, they are usually such a jumble of random thoughts. No transitions, no proper flow. Maybe someday I'll be able to actually write again.

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