Friday, September 17, 2010

I was gendertrolling Omegle again recently. Most everyone always asks 'm/f?'. And I use it as an opportunity to spread some knowledge about transpeople. I told a fellow that I was male, but in a female body. Then I told him I was trans. He asked if I'd had an operation. The answer is no, of course, and he replied "so your not trans yet. i win haha" and disconnected. I don't know why the general notion is such that people cannot be trans unless they have heaps of money and undergo some major cutting. Also, not sure what he won.

Used the last of my testosterone cream last night. Didn't know I was that low. Went to refill online, and I'm out of refills. Crap. So I called my doctor, urgently, and I have an appointment for next Tuesday. This means four days without T. Hopefully I will be able to transition to injections. I really just need this affliction to go away.

I'm headed out of the city first thing tomorrow. We're all stocked up on food and beer. I'm quite ready to get out for a bit. I haven't camped in far too long. Still not sure how I feel about visiting the parents, but we'll play it by ear.

I just want to cuddle. For some reason this week has been almost cuddle free. What's up with that?

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  1. If the T doesn't kill it first, or in time check out endometrial ablation. It's just what our pesky uteri deserve. - cia