Thursday, September 30, 2010

Well, I've been busy this week. Wish birthday drinking. And the birthday drinking won't end at all this month. There's a party every weekend in October and one of them is mine. (Come to Swallows on the 15th.)

I've nothing to report that is necessarily trans-related. I guess I met another guy last night who of course knows one or two people I do. Because in this community, we all basically know one another.

I'm tired, and tired of being tired. It's not just lack of sleep, but lack of actually being awake as well. I need some change. And I know I just keep on saying it. Someday I'll actually go do things. But it may not be soon.

Don't remember if I mentioned that my parents are coming to Denver and taking me to lunch on Monday. It should be fine. It's apparently my birthday lunch. I need to decide where to take them.

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