Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today was eventful in several ways. First, I woke up after a pleasant, but somewhat unnerving dream. This began my head ravenously devouring my heart and soul for the remainder of the day. I have been over thinking everything. I haven’t had this sort of over thinking since before I was on testosterone, so I can only assume that the lack of T is affecting me.

The next event was my doctor’s appointment, which I got out of work for. I waited in the office for some time, and then was asked a bunch of random things. I made sure to emphasize that not only was I out of T, but that the dosage wasn’t really working for me as I still have my period. In which case, my doctor wrote me two prescriptions. One for a one dose vial which I immediately filled and another for a large vial to last me several months. I returned with the one-dose vial and had the nurse shoot me. It was as expected, and somehow, my head/emotions felt almost immediately better.

I will go in two weeks from now to be taught how to self-inject.

It’s interesting to think again about how this is my life. This will be the rest of my life. I will inject hormones into my flesh every two weeks for the remainder of my life. It leaves me in a bit of awe.

I wish I could help everyone who hurts.

Log of what I’ve eaten:

Brandied peaches and yoghurt
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
2 Powerbars
Handful of candy corn
5 graham crackers with hot chocolate

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