Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Got my shirt back from the tailor. It now fits me very well and I'm quite happy. It cos more to get it tailored than I paid for it, but it's worth it because it's obviously irreplaceable. So I now have my whole getup. And I'm pleased. Broke-ish, but pleased.

I've been fighting the random waves of melancholy that seem to plague me. I am able to fight them by simply being with others. I don't have to touch anyone (though that helps even more) I don't even have to be talking. Just being. And being together. It's somehow very comforting to sit in silence with someone. No awkwardness. It's a form of trust really. To not feel the pressure to divulge or pry or fill the emptiness with useless words. I value the silences as much as I value deep discussions. There is a profundity in simply being - together.

My parents are coming to Denver on and errand next Monday and they wish to have lunch with me. This means I'll get a free lunch. It also may mean that we discuss some things that might not go so well. Also, I've my second shot later that day, I wonder if that will come up at all.

I failed at most of the errands I was to do today. I did not backup my computer except onto my iPod. I did not clean out my closets. And I did not apply for any jobs.

Apathy wins again.


  1. Oh Larz. How I cannot wait to see you in that...and then out of it of course. =)

    Im glad you are spending money on things for yourself though, sometimes its needed.