Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I cooked Kenyan food, it was terribly enjoyable. I feel all nostalgic now. And I do so love my friends. And I love that everyone really does get along quite well.

I have cramps and I'm very grumpy about it. And I do not relish having to buy tampons tomorrow. Grrr. I do hope my doc calls me back soon. And I do hope we get this resolved before next month. If I have another of these sessions... and while the boy is here... hell to pay. hell to pay.

Now preparations begin for camping this weekend. And attending a wedding. And stopping to see my parents. It'll be packed.

Did I mention I have new tires that don't chirp when I turn? Did I mention they are far less likely to blow as I cross the passes? I'm rather excited about these things. Also, pretty affordable.

Things I need:

a tripod for my camera. I get tired of using the same angles all the time because that's where my window ledge or bookcase or dresser happens to be.

a fan for my laptop. My other one broke and I can certainly tell the difference. My computer gets warm to the touch and starts to process more slowly.

a new/different mattress. This one is very nice, very expensive and sadly far too soft. It was free, I don't feel bad about not liking it. I don't foresee me getting a new one anytime soon though.

Apologies for sharing part of my wish list, for some reason it seemed appropriate to add here.


  1. Wishlist #1: Me there. Now.

    yes, Im too lazy to login.

  2. that is my #1 as well, no question there.