Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm very excited that my shirt is currently being tailored to fit me. I tried very hard to find a replacement, but in the end, nothing could replace my awesome purple shirt, so I just found a place to do alterations and it will be done my Tuesday!

I had to charge up my old phone to use as an alarm clock last night because I left my phone at a friend's. On the phone, I found several old saved text messages. One of them particularly warmed my heart. "im proud of you. the world is a better place because of you." This was sent to me last November when I was visiting my parents. I very much miss the friend who sent it.

Today a coworker asked me if she could ask personal questions. So I submitted to being asked if I was going to do the 'sex change', which I interpreted as surgery. So I said I had no intentions on that, but I told her I am already on hormones. She concluded the session by saying that she thinks everyone should do what they need to do and just be smart about it. It was an odd conversation, but not a bad one.

I got the T hunger back today. Sort of depressing how much I ate actually. Ah well.

Cut my hair back to the emo forelock/flop 'hawk. It makes me quite happy.

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  1. Let me know how your shirt comes out. I need some shirts for work tailored BADLY and would like a recommendation if yours is good.