Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Went back to FtM group therapy. There was a three week break. It was really nice. I hadn't realized how much I missed it. Even though the other guy there is one of my best friends, so we weren't sharing anything new.

Acne is bad again. Or worse or whatever. It seems to come in waves. I sort of hate it.

For some reason my binder has been cutting me pretty badly lately. I don't know if I've been wearing it for too long or if I'm getting fatter or what. But I'm actually getting scars under my arms. Oh the things I do to be me...

I am sort of dreading going to see my parents in a couple weeks. I haven't seen them since I began T. I'm not staying there though, just visiting for a couple of hours. So I don't think things can go too badly. It will be good to see them. Though I'll probably be guilted into doing something for my dog.

I'm really excited to go camping though. It will be the first time since... 2007? guh.

And I'm excited to attend my friend's wedding.

And I'm tired. Of being bored with my life.

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