Monday, September 20, 2010


Well, another week has passed, 24 weeks now. Again, no notable changes. I've been off T for three days. I have an appointment tomorrow which I hope will end in me getting stabbed or getting a prescription to be stabbed in the near future.

I need to travel. I love this city and the people I know here, but I haven't left the state, let alone the country in over three years. Ridiculous. This needs to change. I guess what needs to change first is my saving of money. Perhaps I also need to work on getting a job with better pay. I've actually recently been thinking about going the EMT/Paramedic route with a chance of firefighting added in. I know that I've never really mentioned an interest in such things before. But I feel like it's a very direct way to help people and very likely pays better than my current job. I know it's not necessarily easy, but I need change. So I may be working toward that here soon. If I can find a way to stop being apathetic.

I've begun to think I need to keep a log of what I eat daily. I may not make it public, but just keeping track will surely help me out. I eat far too much sugar. And well, far too much really. I need to knock it off.

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