Friday, October 1, 2010

My voice has been cracking like crazy. How exciting.

Birthday fun tomorrow and all month. Fantastic.

I am living a bit thin because I refuse to dip into my savings. So I'm trying to take it easy on my credit card and last until I get paid on the 11th. All will be well.

I need to make a goal concerning applying for jobs.

Is it weird that I'm stressing about what to wear when my parents take me to lunch on Monday? I just can't decide if I want them to see my hairy legs. Or if I want to be total gay boy. Or wear something more baggy, or? Yeah, it's an odd thought process. I think I'll just wing it and wear whatever works when I wake up. Not like that will really happen though, too much of a planner. We'll see.

I feel like my workout was great today. I think I pushed myself a bit, I usually don't. Today felt nice. We'll see if I'm sore.

I was hungry today. That doesn't usually happen. I eat plenty. I can only assume the T is affecting me again. Finally.

And I have to wake up in just over 6 hours. So I'm gone.

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