Friday, October 8, 2010

Again, let me say, I love my friends. It's possible we're an odd sight for those not used to us. Perhaps others think we're some kinky 5 way poly-whatsit. But I for one, don't care, and I think the sentiment is shared. We are just very comfortable around one another. And it's rather divine.

Again, I am so tired.

Again, I need to start actually job searching. I need to set small, attainable goals. Like applying for one job a week, or at least amassing a plausible list of jobs to someday apply for. However, at this exact moment, I'm even too apathetic to set such goals. I'll work on it though. I can certainly feel my life being wasted daily.

Only three days of work until a gloriously long weekend. Only five days until I get to sleep with a lovely someone in my arms. Or not sleep as the case may be.

I like my voice. A whole lot.

I need to do laundry.

I should probably work on a costume, since it's the month for such things. I've never really celebrated Halloween though.

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