Monday, October 25, 2010

Today was fairly productive.

Turned in my second set of fingerprints. Hopefully I'll get the letter back from the FBI within a week or two, saying I'm not a felon. Then a month or so for the CBI then I can file my name change petition and get all of this worked out before the new year. Exciting.

I then got all therapized. I haven't seen my therapist since June, so it was very nice to sort of catch up and all of that. We talked about religion an awful lot. I think I have a bit more peace of mind about all of that now. I probably shouldn't wait four months between visits again.

And I worked out. It was nice to get back to that. I am now consistently benching over one hundred pounds, so that's fun. I took my measurements and found that my arms have grown considerably since last I measure. That's quite exciting. My stomach, however, has not shrunk at all.

The weather has turned deliciously chilly. I absolutely love it. It energizes me. I'll likely go for a walk or even run tomorrow before work. I will take advantage of it until it's too cold and hurts my lungs to run.

Will someone please find a job for me? I get terribly discouraged looking for one... guh.

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