Monday, October 4, 2010

26 weeks

Lunch with the parents was essentially uneventful. I wore shorts that are basically capris. Showed some leg hair. I did this because I had an appointment to be stabbed in the thigh later. Anyhow, my parents did not comment on anything. Not the haircut, not the voice, not the hairy legs. My dad did ask about my tattoo, but that was the extent. I had a lovely lunch of sushi, which my parents would adamantly not share with me. My mother insisted upon using female pronouns in public. I don't really mind all that much, I just can definitely tell that it isn't me anymore. And soon enough my mum will look foolish for doing so.

After lunch I went to get my first teaching injection. It was painless and easy and after next time I'm on my own. Sort of thrilling.

Worked out. Now my injected leg is super sore.

I'm starting to try to eat more healthfully again. And today was decent for that. I knew my parents were taking me to lunch, so I didn't even eat breakfast this morning. Then I had sushi. I also had dessert, but that's allowable. Then later I had a piece of my mum's homemade peach pie that she brought me. And then breakfast burritos at my friend's. I think It was a decent amount. Working on it.

I am so tired. I feel all old and shit. Four days of drinking never used to take so much out of me. I need a rest.

My friend is currently in the hospital. She apparently was hit on her scooter and broke several bones. Send good energy?

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