Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I have decided to participate in no-shave November. This means my patchy whiskers will become wispy patches. It may look horrendous. But I will rock it.

I have been so very tired lately. I don't know just why. Might have to do with the sugar intake. I need to stop. Such a bad month for that.

I am planning my vacation to Kansas. Yes, Kansas. I go for the people. It will be fantastic.

Everyone at work now consistently uses male pronouns. Today the last two that used to use female ones used male ones. It was elating.

At the same time, I've been thinking a lot about pronouns. And how none of them really seem right. I mean, male is certainly more right than female, and I don't care to try neutral ones, but whenever pronouns are used, they always seem out of place. I know when people are talking about me, and I do get excited at the use of male ones, but I still feel detached from them. And I'm not sure why.

I talked to my mother recently. She said I should call them more. I almost retorted "why do you want me to be part of your life when you think what I am doing is wrong?" Because she asked a similar thing to me when I wanted input for my name. I did not say it, instead placating her with the promise to call next week sometime. I don't think I'll ever understand that woman.


  1. Hi Love,

    I wish that I was seeing you in November with your whiskers. I thought about it, but decided that i will not be partaking.

    I understand the pronoun thing completely. and Im very jealous of your being consistantly male at work. Damnit.

    Regardless, she is your mom...and even if she doesnt approve of your lifestyle or what you are doing, she misses you, and I think thats where it comes from. Maybe fear that she'll lose you forever.

  2. *can't wait* don't skip the newton folk over this time! k?

  3. Lucia, that depends on what the driver says. But I'll do my best. You should probably give me your phone number or email or something though, so we can coordinate. Perhaps through JD, if you don't wish to post here.