Friday, October 8, 2010

Still so tired. I wonder if it has to do with injections at all? Or perhaps I just don't sleep enough.

I love my friends, but I hate the vague cloud of tension that seems to envelope my larger group of friends on the whole. I hate losing friends. I hate lack of communication. I hate always playing the middle. I just want to sleep.

Things I've noted in transition: 1)my acne is getting slightly worse. I'm actually pleasantly surprised that it's not terrible. I had visions before beginning that I would be covered in pimples and scars from pimples. But it's really just along my jaw and on my back. I can handle that. 2) My neck hair is getting a bit intense. I decided that when I buzz my head, I haven't been bare buzzing my neck. Instead, I've been using the same guard as the rest of my hair. It's sort of interesting. I have a lot of neck hair. 3) I believe injections have prompted some more downstairs growth and sensitivity. And I will reiterated that this blog is for me primarily and I have no shame.

I am so ready for this week to be over. I am so ready for next Wednesday evening.

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