Thursday, October 21, 2010

I've been having some strange irritable mood things lately. I'd love to just blame them all on T, and I'm sure that hormone flux does play a part, but I need to be responsible for my own self. I need to get my ass to therapy (I've an appointment for Monday.) I need to get myself into a better place mentally so I can really start looking for jobs and not just feel depressed and upset about it. I need to stop being snappy with the people I interact with.


  1. Job hunting / unemployment is a very down-ing situation. I've been out of work for two months and doing nothing productive is good fuel for depression - aiding those feelings of worthlessness etc. Being at a bad job doesn't help either (accelerating the urge to stab yourself in the eye). Try to remind yourself that the issue is bigger than and outside of yourself with the economy being the way it is. Keep active: if you're not working, volunteer so that you're doing something to help someone. It's a good way to feel better about yourself that isn't totally self serving or laden in trans-fats and sugar :D Holla if you need to talk: mental illnesses are a refined specialty of mine ;P also thanks for telling JD not to strangle me!

  2. I agree, nothing worse than job hunting or a crappy job. I like my job, I just wish I was outdoors more. I feel like a caged beast.