Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ugh, how long will it be until I stop being included in "ladies" or called "she"? I mean, really...

I've been trying to call my parents this week to discuss the name change again before I get the ball rolling on that. But my mother won't return the calls. My dad just called back though. To tell me that she 'for lack of a better word, was ranting' about it. He said that basically, they don't have any input and I can do whatever I like. I asked if he thought she'd have a problem with me using Drake (her last name) as my middle name. He said it probably didn't matter either way.

So now my dilemma is about my middle name. I could use Drake, as it is a family name and already my second middle name. I could use Timothy, which is what I would have been named had I been born a boy. (I'm certain, though my dad doesn't recall.) Or I could use something more or less random. I could use Rusco (my screen name, Elvish for Fox). I could do some research and find a word with meaning. I don't know... input?


  1. You are SOOO cute. =D

    I still vote Drake.

  2. leaning toward that. just deciding if i want that part of my family in my name...