Monday, July 19, 2010

15 weeks

Fifteen weeks on T today. Someday soon I'll post some comparison photos of muscles and hair. Perhaps next week.

Ah insurance. I haven't met my deductible, hence the bill for my blood labs. Seems like I just won't be able to save. Ever. I need to talk to my doctor and see if anything can be done about this.

And again I find my education as "a man" lacking. I need an oil change. Most guys and even a lot of girls know how to do this. I do not. And I really would like someone to teach me. I'm sure my dad or brother would have taught me had I shown any interest. But I really am not that into cars. Mine just gets me where I need to go is all. I don't even like driving very much.

I've mentioned how much I hate the heat, right? I sweat and therefor smell. My binder sicks and chafes. Ugh. But I got a popsicle today to make me feel better. Hooray for phallic objects.

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