Friday, July 2, 2010

So today at work, the one coworker (who I adore) who hasn't quite switched pronouns yet, used "he" twice. Once was after someone else had already said it and the other was after she'd already used "she". She corrected it without even drawing attention to it. It was fantastic. I love her.

And I got a bill from my insurance today. Seems they aren't going to cover my doctor's visits for some unknown reason. Makes me mad though. I thought I'd be able to start seriously saving money. Nope. Not a chance...

Upon further inspection, this is an Explanation of Benefits. But seems to indicate that that all of the charged services are disallowed. Does that mean there is a bill to follow?


  1. Love your blogs,I like to see whats new every other day.What I love about your blogs,there so honest and open,it seems there's nothing you wont share with us.It really sucks about your insurance.There's always something in the fine print with them.So please keep the blogs going and keep your head up.Tomorrow will be a brighter day.

  2. I share everything because it needs to be documented. It's mostly for me. However, since it's obviously public, I also like to think that my journey is helping others in some way.