Saturday, July 17, 2010

I have hairy knuckles. Cool huh?

My body hates me. It's okay though, I hate it back. And this time I'm not going to say "This should be the last time..." Because when it happens again, it fucking sucks. I obviously have never liked having my period, however, since being on T, it's become way worse and this time is worst by far. Cramps hurt a lot more. I cannot take enough ibuprofen to dull the ache. I feel like curling into a tiny ball and crying. I want to cry for many reasons. How unfair it is, how it's almost 4 months, how much it hurts, how guys shouldn't bleed from there... yeah. That's my day.

Hooray for weekend.


  1. periods suck...just as a general rule. have you tried aleve? it's pretty much the only thing that even remotely touches pain i get, whether it's cramps or an oncoming migraine.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. If it accosts me again, I'll consider that.