Friday, July 16, 2010

Something that makes me sad: I was never taught how to shave by my father, as my brother was. I never had the expert's advice. I've had to learn by myself, by trial and error. Sure, I've read about it online, sure, some friends have told me. But it's not really the same. And it makes me melancholy.

Another sad thing: my favorite hang-out is severely cutting its hours of operation. We will still be able to go for sure, but they no longer have Sunday brunch. The brunch had become a tradition for the trans group. Ah well...

And another sad thing (such a downer today): I feel awful. Did something to my back. At least I hope I did, otherwise it's cramps and that would be double sad. I think my sugar habits have something to do with my crappy physical health as well. I try to sugar-fast and end up basically binging. It really hurts. Sort of a lot. I have a problem...

A good thing (!): I lifted and carried 100 lbs of dog food on my shoulder today. Up a flight of stairs. How manly is that? (No this has no relation to my back pain.)

No photo. Apologies.

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