Sunday, July 25, 2010

Last night was epic fun. And I don't usually use 'epic' unless I'm talking about Beowulf, but I feel like a drag show pageant warrants it. My buddy was defending a ten year title and I got to drink and watch a bunch of hot people lip sinc and dance. And I got hit on by a gay boy. Again. I do love my life.

The best part may really have been the very drunk girl in the parking lot afterward. "I'm half spic, I can climb fences!" "I'm fine. Let me show you my nipple. Tell him I'm fine." "Chicks with dicks!"

Yeah, so as far as trans stuff: I pass. Pretty much always now. And I met an awesome transwoman named Eden Lane. She apparently has a show. I don't know exactly, as I don't watch TV, but she's great. And I love my friends.

I did not bring a camera, and my phone camera never even came to mind, until the rooftop after party. Here's my city. Isn't it great?

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