Monday, July 5, 2010

My internet was down last night. So here's the recap:

Yesterday, being the Fourth, was full of festivities. It also rained. So I started off the day with a couple huge mimosas and a great Scottish egg breakfast. When I say the mimosas were huge, you must believe me. The place my friends and I frequent serves drinks in schooners. They are 32 ounces or so. And I had 3 mimosas in a couple of hours. A grand start to the day.

We then hung out at the park for a little while until it got a bit too wet and we decided to go for ice cream. I had Guinness chocolate ice cream.

We did some other things before settling under an awning to wait for the fireworks. It was pouring down rain and I was rather wet, (not the good kind). But the fireworks finally did happen, and though they were not as spectacular as they might have been sans rain, it was a good show.

And then I went home, warmed up and went to bed.

That's the day's rundown.

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