Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not much to say. Every anymore. Having some beard envy. Some of the guys I know have much more facial hair than I do. And they've been on T for a shorter time...

But, I got a couple of compliments about my changes. Someone said that my face had changed quite a bit. Made me very happy. Too bad I never know how to react really. I'd love to hug everyone who says those things. But I feel that's not appropriate. So I don't really do anything. I hate that I seem rather aloof.

I was watching trans videos on YouTube and feeling all jealous for flat chested-ness. And deep voice-ness. And facial hair-ness. Ah well, time will come...

23 days until that boy comes to visit. I think I can last 3 weeks. I've made it five.

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  1. I know what you mean about not knowing how to react. I hug/thank/get giddy most of the time but also sometimes it happens so much that I'm like... I know, thanks, and are we even close enough to be talking about it? LOL. But it's true. And you're close to that mythical six-month mark, which is kinda amazing, I was surprised how it seemed like everything caught up right about then/is catching up right now. :)