Monday, July 5, 2010

13 weeks

So it's 13 weeks, but it's also perhaps more officially 3 months, as I started T on April 5 and it is now July 5. I've vlogged about it. Twice in fact. The first one is low on sound, the second more concise. I'll probably take the first one down at some point, but I cannot be bothered right now.

Today I hung out with an old friend. It was good to reconnect. It was also good to be affirmed in who I am. Sometimes I overthink this whole process and wonder if I'm making the correct decision. Then I find people who tell me that I seem more at ease, more like me. And it renews my resolve. It's great to have those sort of people in my life for sure.

I think we're entering a time where there may be more transpeople simply because it's more understood and accepted. This generation is (generally) more go-with-the-flow. And I think that there have always probably been the same number of transpeople, but now more will feel comfortable actually transitioning. Just a thought.

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