Monday, May 31, 2010

2 months

It's odd to realize how long it's been since I began. It doesn't seem like it should be two months. It is at once a very long time and no time at all. I know I've gained quite a lot of muscle. I really need to work on shedding the fat and gaining more of that. I don't mind the weight gain so long as it's appropriate.

I forgot to apply my dose last night. I wasn't home much. I have been having far too much fun drinking this week. It's great therapy. I have been running on very little sleep, yet I feel so energized. Being alone and succumbing to the daily grind is depressing and makes me more tired that lack of sleep. It will catch me though.

There is so much drama I wish to avoid, but keep running into. It used to be that it was never mine, now it belongs to me as well as everyone else. I wish to shed it.

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