Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yesterday was fun. Hung out with an old friend. Got my tattoos touched up. Made an appointment for my next tattoo. Bought sunglasses. Eventful.

Today, work. Was she'd once. I don't correct people. Pretty soon they'll look like idiots to she me. I'll simply not fit the bill.

I was unable to call my doc because the day was hectic. I need to remember that Tuesdays are pretty busy at work.

People from the census bureau keep hounding me. I refused to fill it out and send it in because for the gender question they said in bold letters "choose ONE". I cannot do that. I really do hope I'm here when they stop by again. It would make my day to have one of them try to choose a gender for me.

I'm sad I had to modify my first tattoo, but I'm glad it looks much more like v-o-n instead of D-o-g.

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