Monday, May 10, 2010

5 weeks

I was supposed to have a period sometime last week, but didn't. Just another tangible effect of the T.

I got puncture wounds today. Very nice. I love it when artists can read minds. Won't be showing it off til it's healed though. And I realized that I can only put T on my left arm now. Not a problem.

It was suggested that my Jewish buddy and I write a play or story about our friendship. Because really, it is rather unique. We started off in the conservative Christian realm. He went toward drugs and stuff, then settled on Hasidic Judaism. I embraced my queerness and even a bit of kink and began transition. Yet we still are good friends. We enjoy a good stout pint and intelligent discourse. We like satirical humor and social commentary. I value him as a friend very much. I know he doesn't agree with or really understand where I'm going with my life, but really, the same could be said of me to him. We both are going to some extremes regarding our identities and through that we find some common ground. So perhaps we will try to collaborate and bring our experiences and communities together a bit. It could be really fun and interesting.

A person from the Census bureau came to the door just now. I gave her my 'new' name (that I haven't yet changed). And told her I couldn't pick a gender. She actually left it blank. Sort of cool. I think it flustered her a bit, though. Because she asked me twice. I said "I don't know" the first time and "I can't answer that" the second time. Made me laugh inside.

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