Wednesday, June 2, 2010

(late again, I feel illish)

Okay, I feel that some changes have been happening that I haven't described in full.

My leg hair is fantastic. It's coming in much thicker and darker than ever before, and slightly curly. My arm hair is a bit more visible in more places, but not as dramatic as the legs. I am getting visible hair on my stomach and a few other places, but not a lot. My facial hair is not much different. Slightly darker and thicker on my lip, but not enough to not shave it.

My acne is not as bad as I had sort of expected. Which I am glad about. That said, It is there, and different that previously. I get it mostly under the skin along my jaw line. I'm not sure if shaving helps or adds to it. On my back, it's sort of intense, but really not that much worse than previously.

I have certainly noticed muscle tone everywhere. My legs are strangely shaped. I am pretty proud of my arms.

The hunger has certainly tapered off. I don't know if I've just been eating more anyway and not getting hungry, or if I've just gotten used to the metabolism change. I do need to temper my eating, especially of non-healthful things. And I need to work out more. Seems I've been going out far too much recently to want to get up and run. Perhaps I need to run in the evenings instead. Or swim. I need to get over my reluctance.

My voice has changed. I don't know that I can tell specifically, but it does seem to be true. It feels rough fairly often. To the point where I cannot tell if it's from being sick or not.

I cannot really think of any other changes. Feel free to point them out, or ask about them.

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