Thursday, December 30, 2010

I love snow.

I've certainly missed it. Sometimes I get to thinking how it does cause problems. I don't like driving in it in town. I much prefer tramping through it in large boots. I really, absolutely love it. I love the bite of it on my bare cheeks. I love the way it dampens sounds and reflects light. I love the way it sounds, flakes sifting through the bare branches of trees and grating against other flakes. I love the way it smells. Now, some look at me incredulously when I say snow has a smell, but I assure you, it does. It smells cold for one. And, well, it smells like snow. And I love it. I love romping in the snow then coming back inside and getting some hot chocolate (with Bailey's!) and snuggling in and watching it continue to snow.

And, since that had nothing at all to do with transition, I'll switch topics. I've been working out occasionally with my boyfriend and my buddy at my buddy's gym. It's been great. I find that I don't really get tired. Pretty much at all. Sure, my muscles get fatigued, but overall, not really tired. And I found some lovely new veins popping from my biceps the other day. That was fun. It was also fun to distract the boy with said biceps.

My injection site has barely been sore this time, and I'm quite pleased about that.

Uhum, nothing more, just excited about the short work week, the holiday pay and the celebratings tomorrow.

And here is my 3 day 'beard'.

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