Tuesday, December 14, 2010

DMV today. Now I have a piece of paper that says my real name, gender, height, address, weight, and eye color (yes, all of those changed.) They couldn't give me back my old license because it doesn't match. I'm not really looking forward to using my passport as my primary ID, but I suppose that it wouldn't be the end of the world if I lost it, as I'll be needing a new one soon anyhow.

I gave myself my shot today. I always feel like I'm not doing it quite right. But nothing bad has happened, so I guess I'm fine. I certainly was noticing that I was due for it though. Not terribly, but slightly on the feeling of emotions and the short temper. All will be well in days. And I know my appetite will rise as well. I need to work on that...

This weekend was nothing short of amazing. Quite possibly the best in my life. And it was mainly uneventful.

I've a short work week coming up. Then off to Kansas. I've also got a holiday party for work. I'm sort of looking forward to that. Mostly for the free food.

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