Friday, December 10, 2010

Damn, I need to stop spending money. Seriously. I am in debt to my credit card and I don't like that. I though I would catch up this month, but I forgot that this is the month that my quarterly car insurance goes through. Bummer.

I am headed to Kansas to visit one of my best friends next weekend. I am very excited to see her as it has been since Pride (June). I will also be seeing my ex-boyfriend who is still a very good friend. It will be good to catch up again and keep comparing T changes. I feel that I am lucky to have such good friends from people I've dated. It's sort of essential to me to maintain that connection.

Some friends and I went dancing last night. It was fun to be sure, though I feel that 18 is younger and younger each time I go. It's an 18+ club, but seriously some of those people looked about 13. And I know that I don't look my age, but really, it was sort of shocking.

I'm making dinner tonight. Breakfast burritos. Fantastic.

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