Sunday, December 12, 2010

I don't like that it's 50 degrees at 6pm on the 12th of December. It makes me sick. I want snow. Even just a little. So badly.

I can feel the end of the T cycle. I've managed to stay in good moods, only snapped once on accident. I think the present company keeps me pretty level emotionally.

As far as changes. Well, I guess this is my place to be blunt. For posterity and all. Anyhow, I've read that one of the possible and even perhaps probable side effects of taking testosterone was vaginal dryness. Let's just say that eight plus months in, it's not a problem I'm facing. At all.

Tomorrow I go to the DMV. I get to be completely official. So exciting. And I get to stab myself.

I need to watch my sugar intake. And money spending. Yes.

end of line.

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