Thursday, December 9, 2010

I haven't shaved for like four days. And my chin prickles are, well, prickly. And I seem to have more under my chin. Like not just on the point. My acne was getting bad for a bit, but I seem to have tamed it down a tad. It's still there, or course, but not readily noticeable. Hair is creeping in. I have noticed it getting a tad darker on my arms. And certainly my stomach. And yes, even my chest. Veins are regular now, I don't even notice until someone else does. And I've certainly outgrown size small button-ups which actually depresses me because it means I need to go find some more. I rather enjoy the muscles I've gained by not doing much though. I have only worked out nominally, and my shoulders are fairly huge. My legs are shaped correctly (as opposed to like a woman's). My hands are really strong. My thighs have a tendency to cramp up without warning, but luckily, my forearms have not had any such problems.

I really need to cut back on the sugar intake. I really am so weak around this time of year because I love mint, and apparently mint is a Christmas/winter flavor. Alas.

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