Saturday, December 25, 2010

I guess my chest is getting a bit smaller. I hadn't really noticed. But for the hell of it, I decided to put on one of my compression shirts. It is not a binder, but it is made of spandex and I used to use this type as a binder, folded up over my chest. But when I tried this on, I didn't particularly need to fold it up. Sure, I wasn't as flat as with an actual binder, but with an undershirt and another shirt, no one would be the wiser. Just an interesting thing to note. However, while my breasts might be getting smaller, my chest itself seems to be getting bigger. Muscles I suppose. My newest binder tends to chafe me pretty badly if worn for too long. And I broke it in months ago. I feel that I've mentioned before how I'm a bit nervous about getting a new one when the time comes. I feel that the small really may be too small for my new muscle structure, but I'm afraid a medium will not bind appropriately. Such a dilemma.

I miss my boy. It sort of sucks not to wake up next to a warm body each morning if one is used to it after so long.

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