Thursday, April 8, 2010

So today I felt hungry. I think that's the T kicking in, sparking my metabolism. Now if I can keep my consumption about the same, I think it'll do me good. Haven't been able to run the past two mornings. The first because of snow and today because it was a late night. Hopefully I'll get back to it tomorrow.

I have been conversing with my dad via email. It's been pretty good, though sporadic. I did, however, write to him today explaining that I'm undergoing hormone replacement therapy. I sort of wanted to call the parents and tell them, after I'd been on it for awhile. But I'm a fan of the truth and I hate hiding. And I've been fostering that rapport with my dad, so I went for it. We'll see what he has to say.

I also brought up the topic of legal name change. I want them to be a part of it if they want. Either give me the blessing to use my mother's last name (Drake) as my middle name, or come up with one of their own choosing. They may not want to have any part of it, in which case, I'll probably use Drake anyway because it is technically my second middle name currently.

So yeah.

Some people insist on 'she'ing me. I am not bold enough to correct them at the time, but I really do wonder what femininity can be found? I guess if they still do it when I start getting a beard, it will no longer be my problem. They will just all look like lunatics. haha.

I also successfully confused a gay boy last night. His lesbian friends kept telling him I was a dyke. I said they were wrong. It was amusing. The end.


  1. Yeah, Bear Bergman says "Some people "she" me. and at this point I kindof figure, that if they can expand their definition of female to fit somebody like me, who looks the way I do, then I've probably just done more to revolutionize their gender ideas than anything else."

  2. Yay, hunger! I would actually vote for eating when you want to, and upping your activity... if your transition goes like mine did, more food will lead to more energy, will lead to more muscle mass inside of a week.

    Also: you look like a guy, the end. And you read that way to *all* of my gay male friends. And they all think you're hot, and are seriously jealous that I know you. Ahem.