Thursday, April 15, 2010

Figured I'd breakdown the basic expenses a transguy faces.

binder- for the purpose of hiding one's chest: I have several. I use both T-Kingdom and Underworks. I like them both. But Underworks is much more affordable.

soft packer- for the purpose of creating the bulge: again, I have more than one. Not expensive, but they do wear out over time.

STP (stand-to-pee)- I use a modified medicine spoon. It was very cheep indeed. However, I also purchased an STP packer. It was not really worth the cost.

Strap-on- for the purpose of intercourse. I've no experience in this area.

Therapist- for the purpose of getting a letter for the the following. I actually enjoy therapy and I didn't just go so that I could get the official diagnosis to proceed with medical transition. However, I did get that letter written. And I have also not ditched my therapist.

Physician- for the purpose of getting a prescription. I've yet to find out if my health insurance pays for my doctor visits and blood-work.

Testosterone- for the purpose of making one hormonally male. I use AndroGel. I rub it onto my upper arms once daily. Many other guys opt for the injection because it is much (much) cheaper. My insurance fails me in this regard.

Top Surgery- negates the need for a binder. I do not at this time wish to have a double mastectomy, though I do wish I had a flat chest.

Bottom Surgery- yeah... I don't want this. Some do.

I'm sure there are things I'm missing. But I cannot think of them. There are also just the basic things like personal care items and clothing and the like.

Today I ate too much and never got hungry. I also neglected to go for a run. I also feel like a lazy slob. I don't know where my motivation went.

I think I need to call my parents and talk about the name change. I think I need to get that moving along. I get odd looks when I'm carded. I haven't been challenged, but the looks are enough...

I was told I have to cover my tattoos for work. This is how it will look.

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