Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm really tired. I wonder if it has to do with running this morning after a week off. Or perhaps being on my feet all day. Being busy at work all day long. Whew. Mondays. (I know it's actually Tuesday, but it's my work Monday.)

I was told that my arms look bigger. That's neat. I mean, I've been pretty consistent with my exercises and all. It's cool that changes can be noticed by others.

I need to learn self-control. I cannot stay away from food. Especially sweet stuff. It hurts me. I need to learn to eat only when I am hungry, or at least at regular intervals and never in between. But I crack. I go buy junk food. I talk myself into visiting the vending machine. I eat everything in my house. It's got to stop but I don't know how.

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