Monday, April 26, 2010

3 Weeks

It's really cool to know that there are actual changes occurring. I know I'm gaining more muscle and getting stronger, without a huge amount of effort at that. I believe I'm getting vaguely more hairy. I've got the 'down there' growth coming on as well as sensitivity. When I eat meat, I can actually feel my body putting it to use. It's really odd, but really neat. I think my voice is deepening a bit, though I have been sick all week and that's likely a factor. I also notice the acne. It's not terrible and I hope it stays that way, but I guess I'm prepared for it to get worse.

I'm over halfway done with this box of AndroGel, so when it's nearly done, I'll call up my doctor and ask about injections. I want to switch because of the cost mostly, but only if I'm able to do smaller doses with only a short time between them. I do not want to be on a two week schedule for sure. Probably a week between would be the most. I don't really care so much about the dose, as I don't mind doing this pretty gradually, but I don't want the fluctuations between the doses. I know of people who basically PMS as the dose wears off, and there's a few days before the next injection that are hellish. I don't want that.

Still need to call my parents about the name change (and the T). I just haven't been in the right space lately. I'm considering calling tonight. Hopefully I can keep myself together no matter what the response is on that end.

I need a tripod. Badly.

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