Thursday, November 25, 2010

Noticed my arms again today. It's odd how they sometimes seem to suddenly change. They are quite manly. Not just muscle-wise, but also getting nicely hairy. And not gross hairy, just darker. Anyhow. Yeah. And I am noticing more of a 'happy trail' so that's fun. And a few random chest hairs, which is just awkward. More awkward to think about how I don't plan to have surgery and I'll just keep getting a hairy chest... *shudder* Ah well. Such is life. I have to shave my face every two days or so to keep the one patch of chin stubble away. It's sort of annoying because it's only the one patch. While looking at old photos of myself with a friend, I was told my face has changed a whole lot. It's good to hear such things. I ate a bunch of delicious food today at my friend's parents'. It was fun to be with a family for Thanksgiving. I really do love this holiday. And it's not just because of the copious amounts of food. I love the company. The time of year. The memories, I suppose. It's just nice. One of the very few holidays I actually like. And now to bed, to work again, as always. It's sort of pitiful how lonesome I feel. It's also odd that I decided to make this all one block of text with no paragraph breaks. Just a bit jumbled.

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