Saturday, November 27, 2010

I revived my final fingerprint letter. My buddy and I will head to the courthouse on Monday to file our name change petitions. I'm quite excited, to be sure. But also rather nervous. I mean, this is getting more and more final.

In the meantime, I have to get a certain form from the DMV and have my doctor sign it so I can change my gender on my license at the same time as I change the name. Get everything done at once and all.

And I have to pay some fees for the filing and possibly for the name change ad in the newspaper and possibly court fees. Good thing I've been doing well on not spending as much lately. Sort of.

I love weekends. It means that I don't have to turn off my alarm ("Teardrop" by Massive Attack - think House theme song) and leave the warmth of a cuddle. I don't have to immediately put on clothes and give goodbye kisses. Instead, I can stay ensconced in a cocoon of warmth and sleep the day away. Well, sort of. I'm not one for wasting days.

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