Tuesday, June 22, 2010

11 Weeks (and one day)

It's been several days. Exciting, exhausting days.

It was the third PrideFest I've been to here in Denver, actually third ever. And it was amazing. Basically, I wish all of my friends lived here instead of spread out across the country. Because seeing such wonderful people for four days once every year is crap. I'm having withdrawals.

We talked trans stuff quite a lot this weekend, one of my friends from out of town being trans as well. We had even packer show and tell (in two different contexts...)

I was out in the sun a lot and got tanned and noticed hair differently. Arm hair that is. It's coming in darker for sure. And I can see it on my upper arms.

And my female parts are trying to kill me today. I don't know why I was never told that menstruation became ten times more painful after T. I really just want it to go away forever.

I've been using the new compounded cream and I think I like it better than the gel for more reasons than just price. It isn't as messy for one. The gel is alcohol based and slimy. The cream is basically like lotion and rubs in quite well. Unlike the gel, I apply the cream to softer skin, like the inside of my upper arms and the inside of my thighs. (I've had several people offer to help on that one.)

So, now I'm back to healthier eating and exercise. And healthier hanging about with friends. No need to be drunk all the time.

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