Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So the people at my car insurance agency are somewhat idiotic. I faxed the name change document to them and I just received my updated proof of insurance. And it has my original first name and my new middle initial. Seriously. Apparently someone cannot read. Or something. So I have to call them.

Also, changing one's name for PayPal is not easy. They require that I fax a copy of my photo ID and the name change decree. And I think that's bullshit because they never needed any form of ID to open the account. So I'll be closing it. And opening a new one in my name.

Sort of frustrated, but so close to being done with this process. So close.

Filing taxes soonly, hoping for a good refund. I need a mattress. Very badly.

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  1. for paypal, my mailing/faxes etc were never good enough for them. So, I just opened anew one at a different email address. SO messed up.

    Overall, not much has been too difficult.. except for new student loan crap...and utilities. Whihc I decided to just leave in my old name.