Tuesday, January 18, 2011

From Formspring:

"You've mentioned before that your parents seem to have taken your transition pretty hard. you mention your dad being more open and and proactive in conversation in a way which is amazing. curious to know how your mom has been handling it."

Quite frankly, my mom isn't handling it. Initially, when I came out (over a year ago) she had a lot to say. Trying to dissuade me and telling me I'm sinning, etc. But lately, she doesn't talk of it at all. She coldly eyes my tattoos. She doesn't mention my voice. She hasn't asked about my name change. She doesn't bring transition up at all. And I'm content to leave it at that for now. I don't have anything but nominal phone contact with her anyhow, so it's acceptable. If/when I visit again, I will likely insist that she not use pronouns in public. Mostly so she doesn't look like a fool.

Thanks for 'springing me and giving me something to talk about.

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