Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I've worked out once a week for three weeks and I feel that it has really been good. I actually like going to the gym now. I am accomplishing things. I'm sure it helps that I don't have to be away from the boy in order to do so. He's very good at teaching me what I need to be doing. What I'm doing wrong, etc.

I was asked about my measurements, so here they are:

bicep- r 13.25, l 12.75
forearm- r 11.25, 10.75
thigh- r 21.5, l 21.5
calf- r 14.25, 14.25

Overall, my chest has gone down several inches. My waist one inch, my hips one inch. My arms have gained half an inch. My thighs have lost about an inch. Cool stuff to note.

Thank you anonymous 'springer for the prompt.

and here is my back, non-flexing.

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