Saturday, January 15, 2011

Haven't got much to say of late. I've been quite tired. And busy with a certain someone. But I do want to keep up with the writing and the documenting and all. I just don't really know what to say anymore. Things are still continuing on as usual, but nothing big is happening. I have to fax some name change stuff to my health insurance and change my name on my car registration, but other than that, I'm done.

I talked to my dad on the phone the other day. Mostly I wanted his input on my car situation, which I got, but he also brought up my name change. I'd emailed him shortly after my court date. He asked what I changed it to and then asked about some of the processes I've been going through to get it official on paper. So that was cool.

And I'm so glad it's the weekend. And my schedule changes this week, so I only work three days and have Friday and Saturday off from now on. Cool.


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