Monday, January 3, 2011

9 months

Late at night, when my mind is not fully with me, the trangst returns. Mostly it's a mirror, or a sponge, I cannot really tell. But I get to thinking about how all trans people are different and that dysphoria manifests in many different ways. I personally don't have a whole lot of physical dysphoria. This occasionally worries me. Because I could get through life without any actual trans process. Yet here I am, spending x amount of money each month on hormones. And it's good. I enjoy the changes and effects of T, I wouldn't take that back. But I know that it is not essential for me to be happy. And so my minimalist leanings get a bit tweaked. But it passes. I know I'm doing the right thing for me. I suppose it just makes it slightly more selfish. Because I know that it is not really for my sanity, or to protect my life. It's just something I want to do, for me. And that's sort of empowering.

So this month is the nine month mark for my hormone therapy. And that's exciting. I'm getting fairly hairy. My stomach hair is filling in. The hair on my arms and legs is quite dark. I've got some strange hairs on my chest. My face is still sort of disappointing. Just the same chin patch. All in good time.

I really need to figure out what to write about and make videos about. Please ask me questions or give me prompts. That would be swell. Don't worry about awkwardness or questions either, I'll talk about most anything.



  1. Thanks for making this blog. I'm sure there's a few video logs of people's transitioning journey, but your's is the first I've ever seen and it's nice to watch the process from your perspective. When did your voice start changing?
    BTW Awesome tapestry in the back, way cool.

  2. My voice began to noticeably change after I began injections which was several months after I started transdermal testosterone.