Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Internet has been out again. I guess I shouldn’t really complain, as I steal it from some neighbor. However, I realized that writing my thoughts and publishing them daily is great therapy. Sure,I wrote in the absence of internet, but putting my words out into the void is what I really need.

I was told I need to change my voicemail outgoing message, as it doesn’t sound like me.

Went to dinner with a friend for her birthday. There were a lot of people there. I totally passed. Probably as gay, but that’s fine with me.

Went to Renaissance Festival. I bought a hand-woven shirt. The woman selling it kept telling me to get a bigger size, because I’d grow into it. I gently told her that I was generally done growing. Good to know I passed so well though. Even if it was as a young boy. I also bought a kilt. Finally. Whoo! It’s the Pride of Scotland tartan – purple.

Wore the kilt out and about to the bar and the club. Got a few compliments. Fantastic.

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  1. You're looking pretty fantastic in that kilt. Oh my. :)