Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I feel like I should talk about hair again. It's been some time. So yeah, I have been getting more of that. I'm still not all that hairy, which is fine, but I've noticed it creeping around my forearms and my thighs. I can see it on my back, though it isn't dark. Facial hair is still essentially nonexistent.

I am still hating my body's internal war. I need to call my doc about that one. It's becoming ridiculous. It's been almost 5 months.

Interesting observations on passing:

I usually pass. In general, I don't pass as my age, or as straight. However, a very elderly volunteer at work called me 'she' the other day. It sort of threw me. And the same day, a younger guy seemed to think I was a straight guy. So I really don't understand the basis. I guess it will be up in the air until I have some facial hair.

I've sort of been in trangst mode for the last week or so. Really just anxiety about everything trans related and not. Job, T, money, friends, sleep, exercise, boy, family, etc... guh.

I don't know how I became this broke. I know that I cannot at all afford to get a job that doesn't pay at least as well as this. I know that I cannot afford to travel anytime soon. Both of those things give me so much anxiety.

And I'm not an anxious person.

But I don't sleep much...

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