Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I worked out today. It was really good. Opened my eyes to exactly how out of shape I really am. So twice a week with that buddy will be great. And perhaps running a couple times a week with another buddy.

Something I noticed about my acne: it's worst when my hormones are at war. That is, when I'm menstruating. So hopefully once that stops, my acne will ease up a bit as well. That's be nice.

I am having boyfriend withdrawals. And my head is all fucked up. And I don't know what I want with any part of my life. And I'm a bit frustrated with the lack of emotions that T has granted me. Sometimes I think it's good, but I actually like to trust my emotions on many occasions, and I'm not getting any feedback. Okay, I've just anthropomorphized my emotions...

um... no photo.

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